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Fitness and You, Important Facts.

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health123 300x225 Top 40 Fitness FactsNo doubt you will all be aware of the old axiom “Health, Wealth and Happiness” is all that anyone needs.   Not quite true but important all the same.   Those who have wealth should find happiness easy to come by although there are many who will swear that not only is “money the root of all evil” and will quickly point to the many instances where wealth has given rise to deep unhappiness.   Anyway, for the vast majority of humans inhabiting this planet vast wealt is something that may be longed for but is just never going to happen.   Individuals don’t really have much say  in the matter.
There is however something that individuals can do something about, something which should contribute significantly and directly to their happiness and even, indirectly, to their wealth.   That something is HEALTH, their own health.
Discounting those unfortunate enough to suffer from some ailment or physical condition over which they have little or no control the remainder of us can do so much, but inevitably do so little, to improve our own health by indulging in a simple “keep fit” disciplne in which they quietly and systematically condition their mind and their body to an improved state of health and well being.   It is something most of us could do yet only a minority actually keep up.   

Did you know 68% of men consider themselves fit yet in actual,fact only 13% are.

Unfortunately it is often only in the latter half of an individual’s life that the person begins to realise how healthier (s)he could have been then if only they had tried to keep fitter in their younger days.   Perusal of our Health & Beauty and Sports & Fitness Stores will reveal many products you can use to help you lead a healthier life and, over the coming weeks and months, I shall try to help you even more by highlighting specific products, articles, diets and more you can use to gain the maximum benefit from any fitness program you embark on.   

Below you will find an infographic about  40 Fitness Facts, please take a look, it is quite an eye opener.

Today, to set the ball rolling, I would like to concentrate on a part of the body often ignored in fitness programs.   That body part is Your Hands.   A very vital, and most useful, part as anyone unfortunate to lose the use of them will verify.   Today I would like to draw your attention to a piece of equipment which can help enormously to keep your hands in good condition.

Your Own Hand Fitness Trainer.

handfit123 150x150 Top 40 Fitness FactsA small, effective piece of equipment whch can can slow the progression of osteoarthritis and mitigate the effects of repetitive motion injuries in the hands.   Simply  slip it on like a glove, use it as directed and feel the benefit as it strengthens the extensor muscles in your hands, wrists, and elbows, helping to reduce the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and tendonitis.   This device will be of benefit not only to sports persons requiring the use of their hands but also to the majority of us who use their hands for such simple act as working the keyboard which can often lead to carpal tunnel problems.   Take  a look, you’ll find full details, and a video of it in use, at Hand Fitness Device, the link will open in a new window so you wil not have to leave this page.
Ok, so you’ve inspected the Hand Fitness Device, quite remarkable isn’t it.     In the futureI I will bring you lots more articles and videos on aspects of Personal Fitness so keep tuned, meanwhile, after checking the infographic, please head on further down the page to where I have included an interesting article and video on fitness, hope you enjoy.
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Top 40 Fitness Facts Top 40 Fitness Facts


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goshop600B3 Top 40 Fitness Facts

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